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SODASAN Sensitive Органическое концентрированое средство для стирки, 1,5 л

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1500 ml

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SODASAN Sensitive Органическое концентрированое средство для стирки, 1,5 л - description:


Designed specifically for the efficient wash colored and white things at all temperatures. Ideal for people with sensitive and delicate skin, for people who are prone to allergic reactions and for washing children's clothes! Odorless. Starts from the first minutes of use, so it can be used for washing in fast mode. Suitable for hand washing. Contains no bleaches, fibers and preserves pristine color of things! Due to its composition, can be used even in hard water. Absence of allergic reactions, respect for your clothes, safe for the environment - your best choice! Savings on additional purchase water softener and fabric softener! General Information 1.5 L = 20 wash cycles * 4-5 kg dirty things = 68-135 kg dirty things 4.125 n = 55 wash cycles 4-5kg dirty things 25 l = 333 kg wash cycle 4-5 dirty things


Method of use: Shake before use. Follow the advice of your washing machine. At an average level of pollution and the average water hardness enough only 80 ml (2 caps) detergent to the wash cycle 1 with 4-5 kg load of dirty things. Typically, the average weight of dirty things is not more than 2-3 kg per 1 wash. In this case, use less detergent. Also, the amount of detergent may be altered depending on the degree of contamination of items.


> 30% water, organic vegetable soap * (anionic surfactant), <5% sugar surfactants (nonionic surfactants) iminodisuktsinat, polyaspartate, citrate, alcohol. * Ingredients from certified organic farms. Organic vegetable soaps - Made of an effective combination of pure vegetable fats and oils, and organic surface-active agents (surfactants) protein. Surfactants bind water and fat by capturing their different sides of the molecule. While fatty dirt particles are washed from the fibers of things, and because of its support structure surfactant dirt particles in suspension, not allowing them to settle again on fiber fabrics. Sugar surfactant (detergent sugar) (Alkylpolyglucosides, APG) - SAS, very soft to the skin, biodegradable without harming the environment. In manufacture vegetable oil, sugar or starch. Iminodisuktsinat - chelating agent that removes metal ions to reduce their impact on the appearance, shelf life or effectiveness of funds. Also surround the magnesium and calcium ions present in hard water and preventing the formation of scale powder arising at the contact with the hard water some types of soap. Obtained from the waste of sugar manufacture. Polyaspartate - protects against limescale effectively softens the water, increases cleansing properties of laundry detergents. Polyaspartate is of natural origin (eg, from sea shells and snails), easily soluble in water. Citrate - citrate. Used to remove stains and dissolve lime deposits. Counteract the spontaneous formation of suds in hard water. Excess foam by 40% can reduce the cleaning power of the detergent. Sodium citrate is a softener and replaces phosphates, which are usually added to enhance the activity of multiple properties and surface active substances (surfactants). Citrates help surfactant better and penetrate deeper into the tissue and flush out dirt. Alcohol (alcohol) - is used to adjust the viscosity. Essential oils - volatile odorous liquid mixture of substances isolated from plant material (distillation, extraction, compression). Used to impart a pleasant odor cosmetic products.


ID: 8066
Code: TS-434
Назначение: Универсал
Вид моющего средства: Жидкий
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